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Iowa's Next Pheasant Hunters

Iowa's Next Pheasant Hunters

Welcome to the next generation in conservationists.

In efforts to help our younger generation play a larger role in our efforts to conserve and provide habitat for upland game, our chapter provides today's youth with opportunities to learn about what Pheasants Forever is truly about. Iowa provides conservation educational materials, safety of firearms and mentor youth hunts for those kids who may not have the same opportunities as most. Take a moment and read about our youth events or find out how you can become a key component of helping future Pheasants Forever Members.

Linn County Pheasants Forever supports not only Iowa Hunter Safety classes, and education, we also provide support in local youth in shooting sports.

In the last several years, this chapter has supported several school districts and community shooting sports programs including:

  • Cedar Rapids Jefferson: High school trap (see image << on left)
  • Ely American Legion: Marksmanship Air Rifle
  • Corridor Clay Crushers: Collegiate Trap team from Kirkwood Community College, Wartburg College and Mt Mercy University
  • Cedar Rapids Kennedy
  • Cedar Rapids Xavier
  • Hawkeye Area Boy Scouts: Sporting Clays

Check out the buttons below for events or sign up to be part of our youth committee to help with youth education projects, habitat or tree planting initiatives or assisting with youth shooting sports events with your local Pheasants Forever of Linn County Iowa!

Examples of Youth Habitat Projects

Our Events

Friendship with Local Bike Clubs: Education about Habitat

Friendship with Local Bike Clubs: Education about Habitat

The Linn County Pheasants Forever has relationships with the Iowa Bike Coalition and two bike clubs in Cedar Rapids (Wednesday Night Bike Club and the Meet me at the Market crew).

With this friendship with our groups, we have made pollinator and milkweed seed-balls and have met several times for the dispersal of the seed along un-groomed areas of the Nature and Bike Trails in and around Linn County.  We are grateful for the outreach and ad-vocation about pollinators that these groups provide in our community!

Linked here are a couple of events:

Cedar Rapids Bike Club

Meet me at the Market - Czech

Youth & Adult Hunter Safety and Education

Youth & Adult Hunter Safety and Education

While we all like to have fun in the field and chase pheasants for miles, safety is the primary focus while hunting.  We promote and encourage hunter safety both in and out of the field. Through these classes and education we show both youth and adults basic survival skills,  proper ways to hold, carry, proper firearm care, and how to communicate with landowners. Getting those who are not familiar with hunting tools, comfortable and capable.  For more information when or where our hunting safety classes can be found, please follow the events link.

The Linn County Pheasants Forever also supports the following groups and activities:

More Events

Iowa DNR Camps & Workshops

Iowa DNR Camps & Workshops

The Linn County Pheasants Forever and the State of Iowa Pheasants Forever have support the Iowa Department Of Natural Resources (DNR).  The Iowa DNR offers many opportunities for families and youth to participate.  Camps and Workshops sponsored by the Iowa DNR include:

  • BOW - Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (ages 18 & older) (held annually in the spring and fall)
  • Fly Tying & Fishing (held annually in October)
  • OJ - Outdoor Journey for Girls (ages 12 -15) (held annually in June, July and August)
  • Youth Hunter Education Challenge (held annually in June)
  • Iowa YHEC (Youth Hunter Education Challenge) is a weekend-long and takes place at the Natural Resources Center in Madrid, Iowa. 
  • Workshops for Educators 

For details on any of the above events, click this link - Iowa DNR Camps-Workshops.

Shooting sports in the state of Iowa is very popular.  With nearly 4000 student athletes competing from ages ~10 to 23 years of age, youth shooting sports has been recognized by the Iowa athletic association .  Contact this Linn County chapter for details or click this link from the Iowa DNR to learn more.

Events and organizations that are specific for females in the Outdoors include:

Linn County Conservation and our Pheasants Forever Chapter

Linn County Conservation and our Pheasants Forever Chapter

For the benefit of the public, Linn County Conservation manages 28 areas, over 100 miles of multi-use trail, 320 campsites, a regionally-significant observatory, a learning center, a modern shooting range, a historic schoolhouse, an arboretum, a watercraft rental facility and offers high-quality educational programming.

The Linn County Iowa parks department has parks, trails, playgrounds, camping, hiking, geocaching, horseback riding, cross country skiing, fishing and hunting are just a few of the reasons that the Linn County Conservation Board is involved with 7,000+ acres throughout the county.  Linn County Conservation owns and manages a tremendous diversity of public resources: 28 areas, over 100 miles of trail, 320 campsites, a regionally significant observatory, an award-winning learning center, an arboretum, a watercraft rental facility,  a modern shooting range, and offers high-quality educational programming.

Click the below areas for details on:

Linn County Conservation and Linn County Pheasants Forever have an active and successful relationship with working on projects together.  Interested in helping the Youth Committee with Linn County PF to volunteer for seed or tree plantings?  Click "Contact" and let us know you are interested!

NEW PROGRAM: Education in the Outdoors

NEW PROGRAM: Education in the Outdoors



For anyone throughout the country with limited opportunities or access to hunting, this program provides the ability to participate in an educational event and a mentored outdoors training session. 

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