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Chapter Meeting - July 11, 2018

Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Naso's in Marion, IA
Directions: Naso's, 453 7th Ave, Marion, IA 52302 (Map)


Monthly Meeting for the PF of Linn County is the first Wednesday of every month at Naso's in Marion at ~5:30PM.


MINUTES FOR LINN COUNTY PHEASANTS FOREVER: MEETING 7/11/2018 Attendees: Jim Smith, Greg Johnston, Forrest Kramer, Dan Biechler, Stephanie Busenbark, Kyle Robinson, Christopher Robinson, Jon Rathje, Vicki Rathje, and Kim Wyman Meeting called to order by Vice President Jon Rathje at 5:32 pm. Motion was made to approve the minutes from last stated meeting in June that were emailed out, 2 nd and approved. Officer Reports: President None Treasurer Treasurer report was read. Motion was made to approve as read, 2 nd , approved. Please contact Kyle with any questions. More sponsorships for Heroes Hunt are being received. Education and Outreach 2018 FOCUS ON FOREVER WORKSHOP - Will be held in Indianola on August 11 th - Tina, Hunter Gehrke and Stephanie are attending Hunter Gehrke assisted with an Education and Outreach event in Iowa County for firearm safety which included over 270 participants. 2018 Linn County Fair - Doug, Wade Kisner, and Kim set up booth on June 28 th during Youth Day - Approximately 100 kids and 30 adults - either petted Major and talked to Wade about bird dogs, talked to Doug about PF and pollinator - only handed out one packet, I handled the pheasant quiz - handed out wristbands to all that took quiz and caps to kids that scored 5 out of 7 or more better on quiz.  We had the map of Buffalo Creek project up and probably a dozen adults stopped and looked at it. - Suggested to take a pheasant mount to the booth next year so that youth can see what a pheasant looks like. - Some kids didn’t know what a gundog was and very interested in listening to Wade explain about dogs. Jon suggested partnering with other organizations (e.g. BSA) to have Youth Hunt Day – hold mid-July to Mid Aug. Wade sees connection between Eastern Iowa Gun Dog Club and LCPF. Would like LCPF sponsor to help keep this sport alive in the area. Palo used to be sanctioned for hunt tests by the AKC. Kyle brought up to give Tina hours and number of participants at each E&O event so they get logged in. Kyle read a “thank you” and passed around a photo from Especially For You – LCPF sponsored a hole at their annual golf outing. Stephanie is trying to get local ESPN/KGYN – 1600AM – radio station to start an “Athlete of Month” – for local archers, trap shooters, dog, etc. Put on our website. Stephanie will get more information on what this would cost. Marketing None Habitat Greg reported that on 6/15/18, milkweed plantings occurred at the Andrew Christian Academy. Thirteen kids and three adults attended. Pictures were forwarded to Tina. Greg has mowed this site twice this year. Habitat Improvement Application is modified per suggestions at last meeting and forwarded to Tina for uploading onto the website. Greg has found monarch chrysalis on his house siding. Motion was made, 2 nd and approved to donate up to $100 to Pollinator Day (several pollinator plots between Martelle and Mt. Vernon) on July 23rd for Emery Kim read email from Emery, “The NRCS and Pheasants Forever have formed a partnership with the Monarch Research center.  There is no financial obligation but there might be in the future.  I'd like the chapter to consider supporting the partnership in the future if there is a cost for an event.  Like I said- no cost will be associated right now but they already have the Pheasants Forever website on their website and will include the PF logo in mailings to over 7,000 landowners in Linn County.  I'm very excited to have the logo in front of so many people that are interested in habitat at no cost to us.  They are also letting me lead one of the breakout sessions and have a prominent booth at the upcoming landowner forum in September.” Members agreed that this is good partnership. State Council None Old Business/Committee Reports: Heroes Hunt Stephanie has sent information to the Armed Forces Recruitment offices in Cedar Rapids. Approximately 15 veterans have signed up. Shirts for Heroes Hunt to be discussed at next meeting. New Business: Christopher Robinson spoke to Chapter on an organization he belongs to “Fallen Outdoors.” They have a website that veterans can sign up for hunts with guides. Kyle will send out link and put on FB page. There are chapters all over the US. The US is divided into areas – Midwest, NW, E, and SE. This organization originated in 2009 in North Carolina. Next stated meeting will be August 1 st , 2018, 5:30 Naso’s. Motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:58 pm, 2 nd , approved. Respectfully submitted, Kim Wyman, LCPF Chapter #45 Secretary