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Chapter Meeting - February 07, 2018

Date: Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Naso's in Marion
Directions: (Map)


Monthly Meeting for the PF of Linn County is the first Wednesday of every month at Naso's in Marion at ~5:30PM.


MEETING 2/7/2018

Attendees: Josh Fossum, Forrest Kramer, Jim Smith, Greg Johnston, Dan Biechler, Josh Yoder, Brian Bares, Dick Heft, Wade Kisner, Kyle Robinson, Jon Rathje, Tina Elwood Gehrke, Otto Gehrke, Doug Wyman, Vicki Rathje, Carl Rathje, and Kim Wyman

Meeting called to order by President Doug Wyman at 5:34 pm.
Minutes from last stated meeting that were emailed out were approved.

Officer Reports:
Doug did short report on State Convention - lots of good information presented. If anyone is interested in information, please contact Doug or Kim. Please contact your legislators – either face to face or by phone – in regards to IWLL.

Treasurer report was read and approved. Please contact Kyle with any questions.

Tina reported on Hunters Safety Class that was held in Ely on Jan 13th and 14th, 2018.
Tina, Doug, and Stephanie represented LCPF on Jan 13th. Discussion on Tina and Greg to work together in regards to volunteer hours to be recorded for youth contacts.

Adult Education at Rockwell Collins – still in the works. Tina has received three inquiries in regards to habitat.

Tina spoke to Emery in regards to set up booth/demo at area schools during Career Day events.

Tina has contacted PF Corporate in regards to the LCPF Youth & Habitat inquires being shared via Instagram and Twitter.

BOW – Women in Outdoors – April 28th workshop. The workshop costs $260/person. There are two women interested in attending and are reaching out to LCPF for financial support towards event. The DNR are donating $130/person. Motion was made to pay up to $130/person for this event if requirements are met – letter of intent, follow up with experience shared on social media and report to LCPF during regular meeting. 2nd and approved.

Seven students attending National Pheasant Fest. Board asked if students could provide follow up on the event at a future scheduled meeting.

If anyone has upcoming events that they would like to have shared on LCPF website, please contact Tina. If QR code is available please forward.

Greg reported that the Christian School project was seeded on 1/20/18.

Upcoming [LOCAL LARGE BUSINESS] project was discussed and sounds like a good project for LCPF.

Annual Conservation Partners Meeting is 2/15/18. Forrest and Greg are attending and representing LCPF.

Linn County Land Owner Forum/Expo is Sunday, 9/16/18. Doug will contact Emery on cost of booth for LCPF. This is a full day event. Two persons are needed to man booth.

Draft Proposal Project – “Linn County 1000 mile Plan” – plan to seed miles of ditches along Linn County roadways. Possible project for LCPF.

Kim to forward Habitat Plan Criteria examples received at State Convention to Greg to come up with LCPF criteria for future partnerships/projects.

State Council
Old Business/Committee Reports:
Faith Bible Church Wild Game Feed was 2/3/18. Doug, Kim, and Dennis represented LCPF at their table. One Youth Membership was given to one of the 13 Pheasant Quiz participants. One adult very interested in pollinator seed and possible partnership. Kim advised her to contact Greg through the website.

Banquet – A sheet was passed around for signing up for duties during banquet.
If board members are not at this meeting, please contact Kyle if you are interested in helping and he will assign a job.
P&K (John Peters) donating a Liberty Safe for banquet auction. Winner will get safe and delivery to garage.
Heroes print discussed.

New Business:
Doug to contact Schmitty or M. O Connell to speak to LCPF at regular future meeting.

Gary Hughes sent email for request of our annual donation to Jefferson Trap Team. Tina asked if they posted LCPF logo anywhere – website, poster, shirt, hat, events? Kyle will ask. Discussion to have team members come speak sometime to LCPF. Motion was made to donate $100 to Jefferson Trap Team, 2nd, approved.

Kim to send LCPF meeting minutes to Tina for posting on website.

Special Banquet meeting to be held Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 5:30 pm at Naso’s.

Next stated meeting will be March 7th, 2018, 5:30 Naso’s.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm, moved and 2nd, approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Wyman, LCPF Chapter #45 Secretary

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